No More Reality
Group Exhibition - Curator: Marc Scheps
March 2018
This exhibition is based on my long-term interest in Loushy’s activities, based on a new kind of connection between artist and curator. Loushy invited artists to collaborate in special place-time projects in which the artists can reveal a new reality, deriving materials and inspiration from it for works reflecting their personal visions, thereby creating an innovative statement. ...    Read more
MK Kahne
No More Reality
Elger Esser
See Genezareth II
Michael Druks
Michael Druks
Pavel Pepperstein
The Buddha Arch in Jerusalem
Aya Ben Ron
Yehudit Sasportas
Fan # 8
Noel Jabbour
Maria Magdalena # 3 (Dried out River)
Nahum Tevet
Table # 6 (with perforated chair)
MK Kaehne
Max Frisinger
Philip Rantzer
Feet up
‏‏Daniel Bauer
‏‏125% Mattress
Igael Tumarkin
Hanoch Levin
Noel Jabbour
Maria Magdalena # 1 (Jordan River)