Loushy  | Art & Projects initiates contemporary art projects, specializes in consultancy, deals in international contemporary art, and hosts exhibitions.

Loushy  | Art & Projects launches projects with contemporary artists that introduce new aspects in the artist's work.

Projects are of two kinds:
A limited number of originals formed around a particular concept (such as projects by Angela de la Cruz , Yehudit Sasportas , Max Frisinger, Thomas Rentmeister, Pavel Pepperstein, Michael Druks…) and a small edition (such as projects by David Falconer, Aya Ben Ron , Jane Simpson, MK Kahne…). The projects have gained critical acclaim in the art world, are exhibited in museums in Israel and abroad, and appear in important collections including museum collections.

Loushy  | Art & Projects is consultant to corporate and private collections. Furthermore, Loushy provides tailored investment advice. Loushy's skills in promoting the relationship between the artist and the community are channeled to public projects.

Loushy  | Art & Projects acquires art works for its own inventory. In addition, works from the inventory are regularly loaned to museums and exhibitions.

Project's Artists – Sonja Alhauser, Micha Bar Am, Daniel Bauer, Zadok Ben David, Aya Ben Ron, Blue Noses, Laura Bruce, Angela de la Cruz, Michael Druks, David Falconer, Kevin Francis Gray, Max Frisinger, Dmitry Gutov,  Michail Grobman, Olaf HolzapfelNoel Jabbour, Ilya Kabakov, MK Kähne, Sally Krysztal Kramberg, Shay Kun, Ofer Lellouche, Michal Levy, Ohad Meromi, Gilad OphirPavel Pepperstein, Yehuda Porbuchrai, Philip Rantzer, Masha Rubin, Thomas Rentmeister, Cornelia Renz, Karin Sander, Yehudit Sasportas, Sophia Schama, Jane Simpson, Nahum Tevet, Amikam Toren, Igael Tumarkin.